The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE)



The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) is an international network of centers that promote the systematization of scientific evidence based in Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Sweden, the United States, and Chile.

Through an agreement signed by the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile joined the organization in 2020 as the only Latin American representative, in an alliance that will strengthen scientific collaboration and the exchange of experiences in environmental management based on in evidence of both the country and the region.

CEE Chile aims to provide high quality scientific evidence to inform environmentally relevant policy decisions in Chile.

Collaboration between Pontificia Universidad Católica and CEE, through various activities, will seek to raise awareness of the importance of the generation and demand for evidence synthesis for decision-making, develop a database of priority questions on environmental issues and strengthen research and training networks between institutions in the country and the region.